Dear Blizzard team

I have been preparing myself for a role at Blizzard for more then a year. I see in Blizzard my childhood heroes, ever since playing the first Warcraft and Starcraft when I was 13, now I mainly play Starcraft and Overwatch. Now I'm 29 and I still get excited to see a new trailer for Blizzard games when it comes out. You are my secret – Blizzard as an inspiration. Why should you hire me? Well, I will introduce myself.

I love what I do and not afraid of challenge. I studied classical painting, sculpturing, art history, graphic design, animation, photography videography and researched contemporary art. I have BFA in screen arts and MFA in multidisciplinary art. I have a practical and technical knowledge and experience in video production, video marketing, online marketing. I can produce, direct and manage. And, I always look to improve, innovate myself and stay updated in recent trends. I do market review, competitive analysis and research. I am a contemporary artist, curated and presented in many solo and group exhibition around the world.

Implementing creativity into practice. I max msp programming by myself and wrote 'automatic video editing simultaneously to external sound algorithm "LAVE". I presented it in many events: contemporary art exhibitions, classical and electronic music concerts and VJ. By collaborating with musicians I performed at tv channel 1 and TEDx Jaffa. I developed and realized video marketing strategy for Facebook and Youtube with localization for French, Russian and Spanish -  4.5m~ views, 40k~ subscriptions. And developed esport video marketing plan for

Team work. Working many years in different roles like customer service, management, sales, graphic designer and freelance videographer I learned to work with many kinds of professionals. Business, IT, programmers, designers, artists and musicians. There is always more to learn from others. Collaboration is the key to success.

Recognized for the ability to think before taking actions, I make careful, controlled decisions, right down to my choice of words. Calm under pressure, I have keen observational skills coupled with my nimble mind and flexible nature result in fresh points of view, persuasively presented. In addition to my experience and personal qualities I always have a passion for learning more.





Boris Marinin

Shattering Biblical Miscinceptions by Natanel Barak - "Malahim" - Angels.

Animation - Boris Marinin