I have always been considered an arcane foreigner, a psychopomp, feeling the ethereal tension. Breathing out, rather than holding air in. Passing beyond the veil. Observing many layers, like successive waves of water pushing each other. The ocean of under the physical.

I am calculating the ambivalence of a ponderous machine. Mentally reconstructing this ambiance as art piece. Navigating the existence, digging for information. This is the ability to fluently communicate in conceptual sense with those things that are essentially beyond the reach of the five material senses.

My art attempts to discern the nature of things through the use of intelligent ethereal forms, that are not necessarily communicating on the material plain. I use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  

Like a spirit of a warrior, who eats the flesh of his fallen foes in order to receive their properties. I communicate with the essence of the object in front of me. And manipulating myself so the object become alive.

There is a dog, who guards the entrance of the eridanus supervoid. In front of him there is our realm, Which have two layers: The first layer is simply above the earth and the second layer is the corpse of overwhelming sensitivity which exists beneath the earth.

My body is a mechanical construction, capable of caring for itself limited spans of time. I do not fear pain and the unknown. By drinking the ancient waters of Lethe, I forget correlationism. In order to turn into something which is still living yet resembles that which is dead. There is potential to lose yourself.


Boris Marinin