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Artist Statement

Exploring Ethereal Realms and Conceptual Communication

I, Boris Marinin, an arcane foreigner and psychopomp, have traversed the ethereal tension and passed beyond the veil. As a multidisciplinary artist, I breathe out, releasing the air rather than holding it in, and in doing so, I immerse myself in the layers that lie beneath the physical realm. Like successive waves of water pushing each other, I observe the hidden depths of existence—the ocean that resides beneath the surface.

Within the vast expanse of the unseen, I calculate the ambivalence of a ponderous machine. Mentally reconstructing this ambience, I transform it into an art piece. Navigating the boundaries of existence, I dig for information and seek to fluently communicate, not limited by the five material senses, but in a conceptual sense with those things that transcend physicality.

My art seeks to discern the essence of things through the use of intelligent ethereal forms, forms that exist beyond the material plane of communication. Through the tools of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, I manipulate the essence of the object before me. Like a spirit of a warrior consuming the flesh of fallen foes to acquire their properties, I commune with the very essence of the objects, imbuing them with life.

In the realm guarding the entrance of the Eridanus supervoid, a dog stands watch. Beyond this sentinel lies our realm, a realm of two layers. The first layer exists simply above the earth, while the second layer, the corpse of overwhelming sensitivity, lies beneath the earth's surface.

Within my own being, I embody a mechanical construction capable of self-preservation for limited spans of time. Fearless of pain and the unknown, I partake of the ancient waters of Lethe, letting go of correlationism. In this process, I transform into something that is both living and yet bears resemblance to that which is dead. It is within this metamorphosis that the potential to lose oneself resides.

Through my art, I invite you to journey alongside me into the ethereal realms, to explore the conceptual and transcendental nature of existence. Let us together venture beyond the boundaries of the physical, embracing the enigmatic beauty that lies within the interplay of the seen and unseen, the living and the dead.

Enjoy the journey.

Boris Marinin

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