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Introducing LAVE - Live Auto Video Editing

Imagine a world where video editing isn't a painstaking post-production process, but an exhilarating real-time experience. Welcome to the future of video manipulation with LAVE - Live Auto Video Editing, a groundbreaking project created by visionary Boris Marinin in 2011.

LAVE isn't just another software; it's a revolutionary concept that merges artificial intelligence and interactive entertainment to transform the way we perceive video editing. Marinin's brainchild is essentially an AI for video editing, an intelligent system that responds to live inputs of sound and generates visually stunning video outputs, all edited in real-time to the rhythm of the accompanying audio.

The journey began with Boris Marinin's fascination with artificial intelligence concepts, leading him to develop an algorithm that learns from live sound inputs, processing random audio frequencies, and translating them into captivating visual edits. The result is an awe-inspiring fusion of sound and video, a harmonious relationship expressed through technology.

LAVE operates on a unique blend of technologies. The project is written using MAX MSP, a versatile visual programming language for multimedia and interactive art. The physical manifestation of LAVE comes to life with Arduino and 3D printing, showcasing the seamless integration of cutting-edge hardware and software.

One of the most remarkable aspects of LAVE is its transformative impact on the field of live-video-performance and VJing. Boris Marinin's invention has redefined how artists interact with their audience during events, music festivals, live concerts, and even prestigious platforms like TEDx Jaffa, Zappa, and TV Channel 1. With LAVE, every performance becomes an immersive experience where visuals dynamically adapt to the rhythm of the music, creating an electrifying connection between the performer, the audience, and the AI.

LAVE doesn't stop at merely being a creative tool; it's a comprehensive package of innovation. Equipped with 8 effects that amplify the viewer's experience, LAVE empowers artists to craft visuals that are nothing short of mesmerizing. The software operates automatically from a meticulously curated database, effortlessly generating visuals that sync with the sound. For those who seek a hands-on approach, LAVE also offers a "manual" mode, allowing artists to fine-tune their visual narrative in real-time.

Whether utilizing found footage or specially filmed content, LAVE adapts to any scenario. It's a dynamic canvas that can paint stunning visuals onto any audio, making it perfect for an array of events, genres, and artistic expressions.

In a world where innovation drives creativity, LAVE stands at the forefront of reshaping how we perceive and interact with video editing. Boris Marinin's brainchild isn't just a project; it's a transformative experience that bridges the gap between sound and visuals, between artist and audience. Welcome to the future of live auto video editing. Welcome to LAVE.

Currently LAVE project is not active

Group exhibitions:

21.8.2013 – The owl, Tel Aviv. Israel. Curator Merav Cohen Dor 

15.6.2013 - Illusions - redeemed art and music. Old Jaffa. Curator Tzuf Prag 

Video Art live performance, in collaboration with Noa Vax - percussion artist. 

10.10.2013 –Ted x Jaffa

29.7.2013 – The International Conference of Judaism, Jerusalem.

24.4.2013 – Channel 1, Show Grandma Mami

4.6.2013 –Yellow Submarine, Jerusalem Israel.

1.6.2013 – Beit Hayotzer, Tel Aviv Israel.

26.12.2012  - TV show Maamakim. Channel 1

16.10.2012 – Beit Avi Hai, Jerusalem Israel.

23.8.2012 – ,The Oud Festival Tzavta, Tel Aviv Israel.

1.5.2012 - Yellow Submarine, Jerusalem Israel.

22.2.2012 - Woman Festival, Holon Israel.

Real time video art:

31.11.2015 - SAMSTAG || DJ Netta Zeevy VJ Boris Marinin

11.11.2015 - Kuli alma Tel Aviv Israel. With Simple Light

6.3.2014 – Saluna, Jaffa, Israel. With fusion 1721

1.3.2014 – Beit Hayotzer, Tel Aviv Israel..With fusion1721

21.2.2013 - Fetish Exhibition II, Kink. Tel Aviv

27.12.2012 - Fetish Exhibition, Kink. Tel Aviv

31.8.2012 - MuseNet, music/technology camp. Shfayim

20.6.2012 –  Happening "Vanishing Point", Rishon Letzion

14.06.2012 –  Happening "Vanishing Point", Tel Aviv

2.9.2011 – MuseNet, music/technology camp. Shfayim

Press mentions

2013 - 106FM in collaboration with Noa Vax 

2013 - Channel 2 - in collaboration with Noa Vax 

2013 - Ynet - in colaboration with Noa Vax 

2013 – Channel 1, Show "Mimaamakim" "Grandma Mami" in collaboration with Noa Vax 


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