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LAVE - live auto video editing


LAVE project is a unique real-time automatic video editing interactive entertainment system, or in other words, it is AI for video editing. After researching artificial intelligence concepts I wrote a responding algorithm learning from Live input of random sound and showing video output edited according to the rhythm of the sound, in real-time. It is a tool I invented and created in order to express the relationship between video and sound. Written using MAX MSP, built using Arduino and 3D printing. This project reinvents the field of VJing and live-video-performance. I have been performing live in different variety of events, music festivals, live concerts with classic, electronic and fusion ethnic music. Performed at TEDx Jaffa, Zappa and TV Channel 1.

The controller has 8 effects that enhance the viewer experience. The software works automatically from a predefined database, with the option of switching to "manual". The videos can be a found-footage or filmed especially for the event.



Group exhibitions:

21.8.2013 – The owl, Tel Aviv. Israel. Curator Merav Cohen Dor 

15.6.2013 - Illusions - redeemed art and music. Old Jaffa. Curator Tzuf Prag 

Video Art live performance, in collaboration with Noa Vax - percussion artist. 

10.10.2013 –Ted x Jaffa

29.7.2013 – The International Conference of Judaism, Jerusalem.

24.4.2013 – Channel 1, Show Grandma Mami

4.6.2013 –Yellow Submarine, Jerusalem Israel.

1.6.2013 – Beit Hayotzer, Tel Aviv Israel.

26.12.2012  - TV show Maamakim. Channel 1

16.10.2012 – Beit Avi Hai, Jerusalem Israel.

23.8.2012 – ,The Oud Festival Tzavta, Tel Aviv Israel.

1.5.2012 - Yellow Submarine, Jerusalem Israel.

22.2.2012 - Woman Festival, Holon Israel.

Real time video art:

31.11.2015 - SAMSTAG || DJ Netta Zeevy VJ Boris Marinin

11.11.2015 - Kuli alma Tel Aviv Israel. With Simple Light

6.3.2014 – Saluna, Jaffa, Israel. With fusion 1721

1.3.2014 – Beit Hayotzer, Tel Aviv Israel..With fusion1721

21.2.2013 - Fetish Exhibition II, Kink. Tel Aviv

27.12.2012 - Fetish Exhibition, Kink. Tel Aviv

31.8.2012 - MuseNet, music/technology camp. Shfayim

20.6.2012 –  Happening "Vanishing Point", Rishon Letzion

14.06.2012 –  Happening "Vanishing Point", Tel Aviv

2.9.2011 – MuseNet, music/technology camp. Shfayim

Press mentions

2013 - 106FM in collaboration with Noa Vax 

2013 - Channel 2 - in collaboration with Noa Vax 

2013 - Ynet - in colaboration with Noa Vax 

2013 – Channel 1, Show "Mimaamakim" "Grandma Mami" in collaboration with Noa Vax 


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