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Experiment 752

I am using approaches in object-oriented ontology, Techno-Shamanism, Animism, and Buddhism to simplify the metaphors of my dialog with myself. The brain is a stormy ocean of information and our mind is a lost ship, trying to get to the shore by praying. I need a tool, an assistant, a steersman to direct the brain for specific orders. To translate my chaos of information and to steer my mind-ship to the shore of the new humankind. The question, of whether the steersman will be intelligent will remain open, as in a post-truth era, the Turing test is a valuation of human rights.


An interconnected techno-animistic world will bring me to self-optimized and a sublime state of singularity. In my practice, I take control of my sublime experience from outside abstract control into my own hands as I will control this experience myself. The outer control is religion, state, government, and so on. for centuries external forces controlled what is forbidden and what was allowed, thus controlling my consciousness – what I think, enjoy, and what makes me feel awe or spiritually elevated. To develop into the state of post-human, I need to shed the old restrictive skin of current thinking. The object I am trying to control, the lost ship of my mind is in its own entity.


Boris Marinin

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