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Curator Statement

Welcome to the exhibitions "Quasi Object" and "Piercing Frequency," where we delve into the realms of perception, meaning, and the interplay between objects and spaces. Curated by Boris Marinin, this exhibition invites you to explore the hidden layers of our surroundings and the intricate connections that shape our understanding of reality.

In "Quasi Object," we confront the notion that the true essence of objects lies not solely within their tangible forms, but also in the spaces that separate them. Inspired by Graham Harman's philosophical musings, we question the traditional perspective that assigns primary importance to objects themselves. Instead, we shift our focus to the relativity, separations, and spaces that define the objects' existence. It is through these intervals that meaning arises, as objects engage in a dance of shared experiences and associations. By contemplating the relationships between the exhibited artworks, we invite you to ponder whether works of art project their own essence or if their true meaning emerges through their interconnectedness. What reflections can be found in these complex webs of artistic associations?

In "Piercing Frequency," we venture into the liminal spaces that blur the boundaries between light and darkness, place and non-place. Drawing from Marc Augé's concept of "non-place," we explore the transitory spaces that lack the significance to be considered as "places" in the traditional sense. Within these enigmatic realms, we often find ourselves feeling out of place, yet simultaneously immersed in a world of heightened sensitivity. Animals, with their innate instincts, exemplify this heightened perception, reacting to the invisible forces that elude our senses. Through their reactions, they foretell the arrival of our divided nature, inviting us to contemplate the fragility of our own existence. Through the artworks presented in this section, we aim to evoke the unsettling yet intriguing sensations that arise when confronted with these piercing frequencies.

Together, "Quasi Object" and "Piercing Frequency" weave a tapestry of thought-provoking narratives that challenge our conventional understanding of the world. By examining the spaces between objects and the hidden sensitivities that permeate our surroundings, we invite you to reflect upon the ways in which meaning is shaped and shared. As you navigate this exhibition, we encourage you to immerse yourself in the intricate connections, pause to question preconceptions, and embrace the enigmatic beauty that lies within the interplay of objects, spaces, and our perceptive faculties.

Enjoy the journey.

Boris Marinin

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