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The project was made with a thought of climate change and the "greenhouse" effect - the trapping of the sun's warmth in a planet's lower atmosphere, due to the greater transparency of the atmosphere to visible radiation from the sun than to infrared radiation emitted from the planet's surface. The greenhouse in my video is a mental\psychological place. Out of this state born the corpse of overwhelming sensitivity, we are overshadowed by blinding sun and yet in dark. The negative environmental effect is the chaos inside of the human. If we want to improve nature - we need to understand the chaos inside of us.  

2020 Official selection Girona Film Festival, Spain
2020 Official selection STIFF: Seattle True Independent Film Festival. USA
2020 Official selection CONNECT2020 Florida, USA
2020 Official selection Splice Film Fest, NYC, USA.
2020 NewMediaFest2020 screenings at IAM - Institute für Alles Mögliche at Stützpunkt Teufelsberg, Teufelsseechaussee 10, Berlin, Germany. curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
2020 WOW – Switching the Change. TAM - Torrance Art Museum Los Angeles. Curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
2019 "Deus Ex Terra"  CTAO Gallery in Lavagna, Italy. October, 2019.
2019 Official selection IV exhibition of MiraBan LTD Showcase, at Zona Sant'Ambrogio, Milan (Italy)
2019 - NewMediaFest2020 3rd Addis Video Art Festival Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique and distinct cryptocurrency assets. Each NFT is unique, with distinguishing metadata and identification codes. NFTs are certificates of authenticity, using a string of characters to prove ownership and legitimacy.

25% earning from this project will be donated to fight climate change. 

The Coalition for Rainforest Nations is unique in that it’s an intergovernmental organization of over 50 rainforest nations around the world, from Ecuador to Bangladesh to Fiji.

The Coalition championed something called the Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) mechanism. Among other things, it ensures developing countries get paid if they can show that they’ve been preventing deforestation, a huge source of greenhouse gas emissions, and environmental degradation. This was folded into the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and enshrined in Article 5 of the Paris agreement. The Coalition now concentrates on implementing REDD+ and on increasing public and private funding for it.

This group is believed by Founders Pledge to have had a huge impact on reducing emissions through REDD+. The group also played a big role in securing an agreement on forestry in the Paris agreement. According to Founders Pledge’s cost-effectiveness model from 2018, a donation of just 12 cents to the Coalition for Rainforest Nations will avert approximately a metric ton of CO2 (or the equivalent in other greenhouse gases). This means that if you donate $100, you can avert around 857 metric tons of CO2. These are definitely just estimates, but still, that’s pretty damn good! For comparison, the average American causes around 16 metric tons of emissions per year.

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