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Writer Statement

As a writer, my work delves into exploring profound and contemporary cultural phenomena, seeking to understand and elucidate the complexities of human experiences. Two of my texts, "Hyper Sublime" and "Meta Consciousness Interface," exemplify my exploration of distinct yet interconnected realms of human existence.

In "Hyper Sublime," I embark on an inquiry into the concept of the sublime in a post-religious context. I delve into the idea of fulfilling desires through various unconventional means, with BDSM culture serving as an illustrative example. Through the integration of theories from Edmund Burke, Immanuel Kant, Jacques Lacan, Pierre Bourdieu, and Jean-Luc Nancy, I elucidate the emergence and significance of the hyper sublime in different domains. This text seeks to challenge traditional notions of awe and spiritual transcendence while proposing alternative avenues for the fulfillment of desires.

On the other hand, "Meta Consciousness Interface" explores the depths of self-awareness and the profound questions that arise when contemplating the interface between consciousness and technology. By embarking on a personal journey, I reflect on the impact of technological advancements, particularly brain interfaces, on our understanding of consciousness. Drawing from concepts such as object-oriented ontology, Techno-Shamanism, animism, and Buddhism, I aim to unravel the enigma of self-perception and subjective phenomenological properties of consciousness. This text delves into the potential consequences, fears, and aspirations associated with the integration of human consciousness and advanced technologies.

In both texts, my writing is driven by a curiosity to understand the human condition and its intricate connections to contemporary culture. I utilize interdisciplinary approaches, drawing from philosophy, psychology, sociology, and technology, to provide theoretical explanations and engage in thought-provoking discussions. By combining theoretical concepts with practical examples and personal experiences, I strive to create engaging narratives that challenge conventional wisdom and expand our perspectives on complex phenomena.

Through my writing, I aspire to contribute to the ongoing discourse on the human experience, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and lived realities. By exploring topics that push the boundaries of traditional understanding, I aim to inspire readers to reflect, question, and contemplate the intricacies of our existence in an ever-evolving world. Ultimately, my writer statement embodies a commitment to intellectual exploration, interdisciplinarity, and the pursuit of knowledge that illuminates the multifaceted nature of human life.

Enjoy the journey.

Boris Marinin

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