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Ecommerce ad for VidMob.

The goal of this project was to create an ad for VodMob product using a fictional brand case study. I used the creative brief I developed in the past to start this project and asked the requester to fill it.

Based on VidMob creative brief I wrote a fictional business plan for a fictional brand, I was focused on researching eCommerce common problems in the marketing funnel in order to show how VidMob product can improve it.

Based on the business plan I wrote a creative brief for the fictional brand. at the same document I wrote a script for fictional brand videos. 2 videos, first unoptimized and the second optimized. Then I worked with a graphic designer to create 2 videos for the fictional brand.

Based on all the information above and this landing page, I wrote a script for VidMob eCommerce ad

Based on the script I designed a storyboard

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