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Why online multiplayer gaming as a sport is important?

The future of gaming in its online multiplayer potential. The new meaning created with the "with" of online multiplayer. As much there will be more repeatedly shared - there will be more meaning to it. It can be also by a viewer. Just like sitting at basketball game and excepting the meaning – the realness of the event – the "with" which acquires in it. Inspired by French contemporary philosopher Jean Luc Nancy. Being-singular-plural in video gaming.

It is often said today that we have lost meaning, that we lack it and, as a result, are in need of and waiting for it. The contemporary discourse on meaning goes much further and in a completely different direction: it brings to light the fact that "meaning", used in this absolute way, has become the bared name of our being-with-one-another. We do not have "meaning" anymore, because we ourselves are meaning-entirely, without reserve, infinitely, with no meaning other than "us". We create this meaning by being-with-one-another in virtual/augmented reality. This does not mean that we are the content of meaning, nor are we its fulfillment or its result. The meaning of this meaning - that is, the signification to which a state of affairs corresponds and compares - is precisely what we say we have lost. But we are meaning in the sense that we are the element in which significations can be produced and circulate while being in simulacrum and hyper reality of gaming.

There is no meaning if meaning is not shared, and not because there would be an ultimate or first signification that all beings have in common, but because meaning is itself is the sharing of Being. And sharing is being with one another or multiplayer online playing games. The nihil of creation is the truth of meaning, but meaning is the originary sharing of this truth. It could be expressed in the following way: Being cannot be anything but being-with-one-another, circulating in the "with" and as the "with" of this singularly plural coexistence. When playing in multiplayer game, we say "playing with" like in any other sport. The meaning of playing basketball is not doing it alone, but with other players. Otherwise you can't check your meaning against other competitor. Existence is with: otherwise nothing exists.

If one can put it like this, there is no other meaning than the meaning of circulation of sharing. But this circulation goes in all directions at once, in all the directions of all the space-times. opened by presence to presence: all things, all beings, all virtual entities, everything past and future, alive, dead, inanimate, stones, plants, nails, gods and "humans", that is, those who expose sharing and circulation as such by saying "we", by saying "we" to themselves in all possible senses of that expression, and by saying we for the totality of all being. If you are being alone in virtual reality – you have no meaning. Only by saying "we" with someone else – the meaning created.

Circulation goes in all directions: this is the Nietzschean thought of the "eternal return," the affirmation of meaning as the repetition of the instant, nothing but this repetition, and as a result, nothing (since it is a matter of the repetition of what essentially does not return). But it is a repetition already comprised in the affirmation of the instant, in this affirmation/request seized in the letting go of the instant, affirming the passing of presence and itself passing with it, affirmation abandoned in its very movement. It is an impossible thought, a thinking that does not hold itself back from the circulation it thinks, a thinking of meaning right at meaning, where its eternity occurs as the truth of its passing.

From now on, we, others, players, are charged with this truth - it is more ours than ever - the truth of this paradoxical "first person plural" which makes sense of the world as the spacing and intertwining of so many worlds that there is a taking place of meaning, or the crossing through of presence. "We" says the unique event whose uniqueness and unity consist in multiplicity. We are the community of the future.

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